Our Coaching service is there for you when you want to learn more about League of Legends and how to carry every game at any elo from bronze to challenger. One of our experienced boosters will contact you to analyze your gameplay and show you the best way for you to improve your skill.

The Coaching interface is not yet implemented on our website though, sorry about that! Please contact us in LiveChat below or in skype: to place your coaching order.

We have two Coaching options to choose from:

  • Classic - For 15€ per hour, our booster will teach you about everything League. He will watch your matches and play custom games with you, help you strengthen your weak points and utilize your strong points, and generally do everything humanly possible to solve whichever League of Legends problem you may have.

  • Extended - For a fixed fee of 70€, our booster will be with you for an entire week, guiding you as you improve. He will answer your questions, provide guidelines for the proper process of self-improval, teach you League’s inner working, and closely monitor your progress all along the way while helping you with any obstacles you may encounter. This option includes at least 2 hours of Classic coaching.